The Filter Box Company
Planning Ahead

Many local councils require your pool filter to be enclosed in a suitable housing before they will approve your pool. Check your plan to see if your council makes this requirement.

If you take the following steps before the filter is installed you can ensure that you will get the best results from the Filter Box and reduce the amount of work and/or cost when installing the box.

If your filter if not installed

  • Give your builder and/or a plumber a copy of the Pool Brochure which can be downloaded from the site.
  • Always locate the rear and sides of the filter, motor, pump and all plumbing at least 150 mm from walls and fences. This allows sufficient space to fit the side and back panels.
  • Always locate the filter in a position which will allow you sufficient room to open the front door and lid of the box.
  • Always install the box prior to the electrician connecting the wiring. Ensure there is adequate space and access inside the
    box for work without hindrance and all pool electrics will then be neatly and safely enclosed.

Formed Concrete Slab

Most pool builders install filters on pre-cast concrete slabs. However if your builder is supplying a formed slab he should pour the
slab to match the following sizes:

Model A: 1150 x 1150
Model A + XB: 1600 x 1150
Model A + XC: 2225 x 1150

If your filter is already installed

If your filter is already installed phone us with the dimensions and we will advise you if we are able to assist.

Save Electricity

Changes to electricity tariffs now enable many pool owners to utilize off-peak electricity for pool filtration.

Off-peak can save up to $300 a year on a typical pool. The major obstacle to this saving is the effect of filter noise bothering neighbours.

Filter Box enclosures assist in reducing noise and many enable you to take advantage of off-peak tariffs.

We advise all pool owners to check with their local council, electricity supplier and neighbour before converting filtration to off-peak usage.

Planning Ahead