The Filter Box Company
General Information

High Level of Access

Maximum access is provided both by the large front-mounted door and by the hinged lid. In the event of a major equipment
problem where even greater access is required, the entire Box can be disassembled. (You won’t require a brickie with a sledgehammer).

Calculated Ventilation

Ventilation openings in the filter box have been calculated by an engineer. Can your brickie or carpenter give you the same

Noise Reduction

The ventilation, insulted Filter Box provides a higher noise reduction than the brick enclosures suggested by the EPA. In most cases we can guarantee council approval in respect of noise reduction. The Acoustic Engineer’s Report is available from the Download Section.


If your filter is located outside the pool area but close to the pool fence, the Filter Box is high enough to prevent small children from using the box to scale the pool fence.

Budget Conscious

In addition to installed Filter Boxes we offer all standard models as DO-IT-YOURSELF KITS. We provide installation and assembly instructions and all the fittings.

Maintenance Free

The high quality powder-coated finish on The Filter Box requires minimal maintenance to retain the attractive good looks.

Unique Lift-Out doors

All of our boxes are supplied with lift-out doors. This means minimum space is required to open the door and plants or shrubs can
be placed close to the front of the box.

Specially-cut box footings

Many pool builders install the filter on a pre-cast concrete slab. This slab is usually smaller than the actual equipment. To provide a suitable footing The Filter Box Company can supply a H4 rated, pre-cut, treated pine footing. This footing can be assembled in minutes (with galvanized gang nails provided) and offers a sturdy, dry and level surface on which the box can be installed. The
area within the footing can be filled with blue metal or crushed rock, if desired, to give a clean dry surface area.

General Information