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A Filter Box is designed to enclose not just the motor but the entire equipment including the filter, motor, pump and electrical accessories.

Constructed from long-lasting BHP Galvabond steel each Filter Box is given the additional protection of an attractive powder-coated finish.

The Filter Box has been designed with the assistance of an acoustic engineer. All insulated models are lined with a sound absorbing acoustic lining. Carefully calculated, baffled ventilation openings are incorporated into the design. The ventilated, insulated Filter Box provides a higher noise reduction than the brick enclosures suggested by the EPA. In most cases we can guarantee council approval in respect of noise reduction.

The Filter Box can also be expanded. By simply purchasing additional modular panels, the basic Filter Box can be expanded in stepped sizes up to 2.1 metres wide. So if you add a spa or solar heating motor/pump to your pool the Filter Box can be quickly enlarged to accommodate the extra equipment required.

About Us